Secure, convenient, good for the environment ... and free!

E-statements are electronic versions of your statements that you view online instead of receiving paper statements. E-statements are a feature of Metro Community’s easy-to-use Online Banking service.

When you sign up for E-statements, you’ll receive regular e-mails notifying you when your E-statements are available. Just login to Online Banking to view and print 3 months of your Metro Community statements.

As with all of our online services, Metro Community employs state-of-the-art encryption technology and other techniques to protect your personal financial information. A valid e-mail address is required otherwise the system automatically unsubscribes you from E-statements.

It's easy to enroll in E-statements

To receive E-statements, you must first enroll in Online Banking. Click here to "Create Account."

The one-time enrollment process takes just a few minutes.

Once you are enrolled in Online Banking, just login to your account and click the “E-statements” link in the top menu for easy-to-follow instructions. That’s it.

Sign up for free E-statements today and start saving time, money and trees!