Debit Cards

It's easy, convenient and you don't have to write checks! Use your VISA Debit Card wherever the VISA® logo is displayed instead of carrying extra cash and writing checks at the register (which can take forever). Pay for purchases with your signature (or by using your PIN) at point-of-sale devices when you're checking out and get cash if you need it, too! It's convenience that saves you time.

Use your VISA Debit Card to get cash and access you accounts

FREE access to over 5,000 CO-OP Network® ATMs.

Use it to pay for services or merchandise over the phone or online.

And you get added security free with Verified by Visa.

Important information about using your credit card or debit card outside the U.S.
How can you get a Metro Community VISA Debit Card?

Just open a checking account at any of our branches to see if you qualify for one.

If you don’t have a Metro Community checking account and would like to open one, switching your checking account is simple. Click here to download our Switch Kit. Or, for personal assistance, visit any branch or call our Member Service Center at (304) 697-4652.